Completion of the first Tikla program in integrative leadership

By Hans Ruijs on 14 May 2021

At the end of April, 7 participants completed the first tikla course by presenting their personal learning and development results.

The intensive development journey started in October 2019 and led through a total of 7 two-day workshops, intervision sessions and individual coachings. Due to Corona, the completion had to be delayed by half a year.

Accompanied by Patrizia Luise and Hans Ruijs the participants deepened their personal leadership and development topics and dealt with new meaningful working methods, such as the integrative leadership principle and role-based leadership. With the help of the Spiral Dynamics integral approach, participants learned how to look at themselves and the world with different eyes. This encouraged the participants to rethink and, if necessary, transform their existing beliefs, values and behaviors. The international staff of trainers inspired by their own field-tested experiences. Current and future-oriented leadership and cooperation topics were conveyed and helped to gain new insights. The testimonials show that the participants connect with their own future possibilities and have a new sense of initiative power to influence their own work and life context



The training program “Integrative Leadership” led me to an awareness of my values, goals and visions and how they can be integrated into the institution I work for in order to create resonance. Methods that I take with me into everyday (work) life are Spiral Dynamics, Lean Management and Theory U.

 Natalie Lerch-Pieper, Leader Diversity & Inclusion, Paul Scherrer Institut


“Tikla offered me the ideal learning environment for personal development and strengthening my leadership role. In addition, I now feel well prepared for new forms of work such as sociocracy or holacracy.”

– Marco Bernegger, Head of investment Consulting Zürich, Alternative Bank Schweiz AG


“I would like to sincerely thank Patrizia and Hans, as well as the entire team, for the instructive year. For me, the integrative leadership course at Tikla was a gift, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people. It takes courage and great dedication to accompany people in their personal process in such an innovative way. The meetings, whether together, in smaller groups as well as in the form of individual coaching, have strengthened me on my path and laid the foundations for the development of wertfrei. Thank you for everything, and that many more people may get to know you and benefit from your valuable experiences and holistic view.”

– Martina Büeler, Vocational, study and career counselor, Founder of the association wertfrei


“I can heartily recommend the Tikla course “Integrative Leadership” to everyone who is interested in holistic, sustainable and modern leadership. If you have recognized for yourself that current leadership issues need to be approached not only from the outside but also from the inside, you can gain enormous leadership skills here within a short time and develop into a strong leader. Thanks to the course, my self-confidence has increased many times over, not only in business terms, but also on a personal level: I have learned to trust fully in my inner leadership wisdom and now feel ready to take a public stand with my concerns. Hans and Patrizia supported and encouraged me in this process extremely competently – a big thank you!”

 – Maya Bühler, Owner Leben leben


“The training gave me space to stay on topics that were important for my development and clarity to find a focus for my further development. The framework set and the wonderful, friendly atmosphere allowed me to engage with more difficult aspects and group work, and to connect inner realities with appropriate outer forms.”

– Michael Jenny


“One year with TIKLA
… it is an interplay between asking questions and finding answers, in private as well as in professional life. At TIKLA, life experience, love for people and professionalism come together wonderfully. Patrizia and Hans have succeeded in creating a space where group dynamics are a valuable support for your own development and vice versa. Diversity is very important at TIKLA and is really lived and appreciated on all levels. It is this empathic, non-intrusive way to lead, to feel seen and taken seriously, it is a wonderful invitation to be able to remember your own uniqueness – that is TIKLA for me.
With great gratitude.”

– Irina Spirgi, Selbstständig, Coach


“Through the program “Integrative Leadership” I have gained completely new perspectives despite many years of leadership experience. A workshop series with a holistic approach to leadership, depth and diverse inspiration.”

Sabine Michels – Head of Customer Service, Waschbär GmbH



The experience and feedback motivate us to conduct a second edition of the tikla course in October 2021.