For one to one conversations (individual coaching) clients with the following topics reach us:

  • Entry into management responsibility
  • Professional reorientation
  • Strengthen role awareness and leadership understanding
  • Work-life balance
  • Dealing with change processes in organizations
  • Reflect on own behaviour and gain new insights

They are people who seek the connection and balance of their inner world to the outer world.
To give possibility to realize yourself, because that is an opportunity for each person. It is a source of inspiration, lasting success and sustainable performance, of happiness and profound satisfaction. It inevitably occurs through the implementation of meaningful activities and next steps in the process of personal development.


Accompaniment and support in the development of young people who find obstacles in finding their place in the world of work. We work on
questions about values, Purpose and orientation. We involve responsible persons in the training centers, in the training companies and family members of the adolescent in the development of the young adult.