TIKLA partner for personal and organisational development questions

Tikla is worldwide connected, located in Switzerland and specialised in the designing and execution of innovative and profound development processes for individuals, teams and organisations.

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TIKLA Mission

  • Enabling people and organizations to bring their meaningful contribution to clients and society.
  • Building bridges between people, groups and cultures to overcome differences and resolve disagreements.
  • Encouraging people to get in touch with their own essence and impulse in order to come to next individual steps.
  • The personal and professional development of human beings and the renewal of organizations are at the heart of tikla.

TIKLA history

Why we call ourself tikla.

Tikla is an ancient Aramaic name.

It means the wheel that brings inspiration, visions and ideas from heaven to earth into action and experience and richness back from earth to heaven.

A friend from Tel Aviv brought us the name tikla.

The old and new city of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa

Tikla meaning

Tikla, due to www.meaningslike.com, is also a name referring to someone who is full of love. Whose beautiful emotions create harmony and balance for everyone who is lucky enough to be their friend. Tikla has a high emotional intelligence and is always dedicated and charming when dealing with others.  Bringing people together for a common cause and resolving disagreement is part of his skills. By being able to see both sides of the story, tikla is capable of perceiving new perspectives to settle conflicts and disagreements. His natural desire for balance makes tikla a good mediator. Tikla never excludes others, meaning there is always room for new solutions. Creativity flows through his veins. Others are free to tap into this.
People derive a sense of safety, security and joy from the playful elegance of tikla. Giving joy is a great gift tikla gives to the world. Tikla has a talent for bringing people together and organising them. In short, tikla owns all that is needed to be a good leader.

The meaning of the name tikla is so striking for us that we can’t simply ignore and it is a great source of inspiration for us.