Consultancy with a shared mission in São Paulo

By Hans Ruijs on 17 February 2020

Invited by Carolina Moggi, an ASD colleague from Brasil, I spended 12 days in São Paulo and executed several workshops with consultancy colleagues who are on the same mission.

ADIGO is a consultancy group with a 30 years history and well known for their leadership training programs and consultancy activities in numerous enterprises throughout Brasil. In a one day workshop I shared my own consultancy biography with reflecting questions. Based on the concept of Spiral Dynamics integral the ADIGO consultants did cultural research towards their own organisation which helped them to came to various insights.

ADIGO Desenvolvimento

Carolina and I did two workshops at Roche Brasil for young leaders. They are in a development program and are coached by Carolina. They were introduced with the concept of the core-qualities from Daniel Ofman and by exercising they came to new insights about own inner dynamics.  They were inspired and enthusiastic to bring this experience in their own leadership business.

Roche Brasil

The last workshop was with a group of 35 coaches and consultants from EcoSocial working around Brasil with the mission:

“To support human beings in the adventure of becoming free to assume their unique place in life and in building healthy organizations”.

I shared my own consultancy biography with them and introduced several client cases from Europe. They reflected and improved their own culture which is build on sociocratic principles.


It is exciting and stimulating to get into touch with colleagues and friends working in another continent on similar client questions and issues towards leadership, collaboration and organisational development issues by sharing the same philosophy and mission. I will continue my cooperation with Carolina for the next months here in Europe. She will start her international career with projects in different countries and accompany and support me in my work.