Team Development

Team Development

We design and execute tailor made team development processes.
Together with the people involved we make a diagnose of what is working well and where there are needs for improvement.



We check and improve the following topics:

Our clients – to whom we do it

A team development process always start with the question who our clients are and which needs they have.
The team members replace themselves in the position of the clients point of view.

I – my contribution

Each individual team member can contribute for the good of the clients and the well-functioning of the team.

WE – How we work together

This is the most dynamic part. Each member has an own biography, own values, own intentions and habits.
By working as a team the members are challenged to act out of the same frequency. They have to adjust and stand up for their opinions, ideas and clarify what makes sense for all. This only can happen in a sphere of open dialogue and trust. Each member takes responsibility to bring him or herself in.

WHAT – What we create and deliver

With the help of good structures and processes the team delivers activities and services which directly connects to the needs and expectations of the client. Here we are in a continuing flowing process of improvement in which we align the needs the client and our delivering possibilities.