Integrative Leadership in Moscow

By Hans Ruijs on 6 November 2019

Following the invitation of Viktor Menovshikov, director from the Institute of Counseling Psychology and Consulting, I facilitated a 2-Days workshop with coaches, psychologists, supervisors, OD-consultants and managers in Moscow.

During the workshop the participants got an introduction in the ideas of integrative leadership. They made an analysis of the cultural dynamics in their own organization with the value systems of Spiral Dynamics integral and got also familiar with principles of the change flow. In another exercise they reflected the inner skills needed for the integrative approach of leadership and how this can find an expression in outer roles.

At last I had the opportunity to present 3 business cases from Switzerland and Germany and shared the main concepts I used for it.

I was delighted to meet so much open mindedness and open heartedness. All participants brought themselves in and worked intensively on their own issues and questions and came to various insights.

In an open and deep reflection round, each one expressed their personal learnings and meanings and it went out that we could see this event as an expression of an island of humanity.

Viktor and I made plans for the development of further cooperation in which we plan and offer a development program for leadership and business consulting. Other Russian colleagues will be involved in the execution of this program with start after summer ’20.

In the meantime the connection with the participants will be strengthened and I look forward towards next encounters planned in April at the conference called “Counseling Psychology and Non-Clinical Psychotherapy” carried out with Viktor together with the Russian State Social University.