New Leadershipstyle at Waschbär

By Hans Ruijs on 1 June 2019

Written by Hannah Leicht – Sustainability Manager at Waschbär


About three years ago, TIKLA’s external consultants were assigned with the mission to introduce a new style of leadership at Triaz. For this they have held workshops on their concept of horizontal or inclusive leadership. The entire management team of Triaz, the team leaders, the divisional managers and the management, participated.

New Leadershipstyle at Triaz

Horizontal or integrative leadership – what does that mean exactly? This was summarized by the consultants Hans Ruijs and Patrizia Luise last Friday in the final workshop. The vertical guide axis, the classically hierarchical line, is supplemented by the horizontal plane. While employees in the vertical leadership follow and execute instructions from their supervisors, the horizontal level increases the importance of dialogue between the entire Triaz workforce.

Each individual should get the chance to get involved and take on more responsibility.
Cross-departmental processes are strengthened. In this horizontal level, every employee sees himself as a leader and develops individual responsibility for the development of the company. Teamwork and social skills are gaining importance. Real encounter increasingly finds its way into everyday working life – through the intensified realization of the personal human value system. Such treatment based on honesty, responsibility, cooperation and love will have a fulfilling and enriching effect in the long term.

Since there are these two levels in the future – the horizontal and the vertical – one speaks of integrative leadership.
And what does that mean in practice? In order to implement this theoretical concept, the four leadership qualities coaching, inspiring, intervening and controlling are needed. These were researched and practiced in four workshops by the team and division managers and have since been used in everyday working life.

Other important building blocks for the implementation of the new management concept are the vision of Triaz GmbH and the image of mankind. All three things are summarized in the Leadership Manifesto created since the introduction of the new leadership style. In the future, it will serve all employees as a tool in their daily work.

At the final workshop in May 2019 it became clear that the executives feel very comfortable with the new manifesto! The employee no longer has only one function, but appears with his values, ideas and ways of thinking, which are shaped by his personal life story. Each person takes initiative and responsibility for best possible results.

During a journey through the past workshops, it was found that there is reason to celebrate! The team leaders have become more aware of their new role and have become well connected.

All executives have dealt intensively with the new leadership principles and are increasingly introducing them into their everyday lives. With the new Leadership Manifesto, we are prepared for a future that brings joy. This is the first important step – and therefore we clinked glasses!