The model of Logosynthesis®as support in Job coaching

By patrizia on 13 November 2019

Written by Martina Bühler – Career Counselor at SVA (Social Insurance Institution) Zürich

The model of Logosynthesis® as support in job coaching

Due to the great success and demand of coaching with the model of Logosynthesis, we became aware of Patrizia Luise (Certified Trainer in Logosynthesis®).
At invitation of the SVA (Social Insurance Institution) Zürich, she gave a lecture on the model of the logosynthesis as support in the job coaching process of the clients.On October 30, around 35 interested career counselors, job coaches, team leaders, integration consultants and two clients and a client of the SVA attended this event eagerly.

Patrizia Luise talked about the possibilities with practical examples of how Logosynthesis can support clients with mental disabilities in their development process. She emphasized the importance of building a strong and trusting working relationship with the client as well as a conscious inner attitude of the coach. These factors lead to a successful work of development, which in turn finds itself in the mission of „tikla“.

Logosynthesis is a new, comprehensive system for personal development. It is used in psychotherapy, coaching, counseling and education – and as an aid for self-help. The model helps people in finding profound personal next steps in their development process. Logosynthesis is simple, easy, effective, and easy to communicate. The system contains a model, principles of change and concrete interventions.

Three SVA clients, who have been assisted by Patrizia Luise since spring 2019, told about their experiences and successful development steps with this model. All three reported that after a short time they could think more confidently about themselves and about the professional world thanks to their regained self-confidence. At the end, the participants of this event were able to experience the Logosynthesis themselves through an exercise.

We would like to thank Patrizia Luise for the lecture and for her work as a partner of the SVA Zürich, which we and our clients greatly appreciate. We would also like to thank the clients for sharing their logosynthesis experience. Through the stories, the theory was presented clearly and practically.The Logosynthesis opens new ways of integration, which let us look positively into the future. We look forward to further cooperation with Patrizia Luise and wish her all the best and continue to have so much positive charisma and energy.